Spread grati­tude like confetti

A project for 2021

The past year has been a challenge. While it remains difficult to plan ahead, it’s important to build up your strength, take steps forward, and express your gratitude in a meaningful way.


Embrace a new mindset

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100% Unique

Together we’ll develop tailor-made designs and products with the aim of inspiring your audience. Click on the products and explore our showcases.

Your message – centre stage

From empowering sayings that promote common causes to brand claims transporting company values, we believe strong statements have the power to connect people and unite audiences.

Great give-aways*

*Spark joy and motivate employees

*Nurture vital relations with customers

*Impress business partners

Less is more

Sustainability is integral to our design process, and we strive to use materials and choose suppliers that do not harm the precious planet we all share.

We present our service in easy to digest bites. A typical assignment runs through six stages (explained via donuts).

When everything is uncertain, anything is possible.

2021 is full of moments you can show your gratitude

Dis­cover your THNQ potential