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It’s always difficult to imagine something until you see it. Learn more about our approach via the following client showcases.

Wristbanditz Welcome

Showcase No. 1

Welcoming New Team Members

WHAT Find a fantastic onboarding tool for the innovative Wonderwerk Consulting crew that keeps on growing

HOW Team wristbands are embossed with the message “We are Wonderwerk”. The packaging follows the cheerful company identity (artwork by WW)

WHY A fun work ritual that supports bonding

Showcase No. 2

A Joyful Inauguration Souvenir

WHAT Create a stylish and memorable keepsake for the launch of the third family boutique hotel project in South Tyrol

HOW Three‘s a Party wristbands matching the atmosphere of the beautiful Villa Arnica. Fine-tuning with brand strategist Karin Novozamsky

WHY A very personal welcome gift including a house tour

Wristbanditz Villa Arnica
THNQ silk keychain

Showcase No. 3

Very Special Gifting Occasions

WHAT Various anniversary events of diplomatic delegations throughout the year require special attention for their guests

HOW Neckties with an unexpected mountain view and silk scarves doubled up as keyring pendants / bag charms

WHY Extraordinary giveaways with an Austrian reference

Showcase No. 4

The Original Mask Wallet

WHAT How to elegantly store a face mask when you’re not using it?

HOW Considering purpose, design and materials, this charming accessory is colourful, happy and useful at the same time

WHY Practical design product with feel-good factor


Online collection available soon: Wristbanditz

Wristbanditz The Original Mask Wallet